Benefits for your business: Hire a freelancer

If you are looking for a good freelancer, but do not know how to get there, our old friend, the internet has the solution. Finding freelancers online with the help of search engines is a very easy job, but will it be the right choice? Self-employment online has become the easiest way to make money these days. Profitable for both the employer and the employee, this type of work shows their own work skills that can bring real benefits to a company. The demand to hire a freelancer grew rapidly as there are many people working from home, by their own rules and prices. Many of them are really very cheap because they are new to it and still don’t know how to set a right price. This way, a company can take advantage of a person and use their professional skills at low cost. One of the many reasons people choose to do this is the fact that they become their own boss and work as they please, without being forced to have external responsibilities. In the freelance directory you can find people looking for work in online media, such as writing articles or creating web designs, to expose their skills to others and earn income.
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For an entrepreneur, a freelancer is the perfect opportunity to get the help they need for a short period of time, which means lower costs and automatically a greater benefit for the company. Large companies choose to hire a freelancer because they have no worries about offering an office, work protocols and paid vacation as all the work is done through the internet. The self-employed directory offers convenient ways of working for service buyers and for skilled workers who manage to get into this large industry. Each worker is different and has different working methods, but their recognition is to give up their tasks before the deadline. Finding freelancers online who do their job surprisingly is almost too easy. With a simple publication of the project to be done, requests will flow alone. The employer gets in touch and decides whether or not to hire a freelancer, depending on the prices he has. To learn more about how they work, freelancers can provide work samples and receive feedback.
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The freelance directory is more than a market used for different work projects. Ways to improve profitability, notification options, quick access to interested domains, and more are explained. Another advantage that these websites offer is the long list of profit programs available to both parties to the contract. When you own a website, your ads, banners, and text link can be manipulated for revenue. In conclusion, online platforms are very useful for finding online freelancers who offer their services in exchange for a minimal amount of money. It also eliminates the possibility of not finding an employee in a given period of time, but there is a chance that the self-employed will not find a job or be overworked.


Daily trading is a horrible life – don’t do it

Sitting there with those stripes and straps from the eighties making new orders. “Greed is good” Oh what a dream.
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Reality 101. Daily trading is the dream of many people stuck in their sad work. Get a pay raise when your boss deems it convenient or when someone dies and gets a promotion. They start dreaming about the daily trade from home. Winning five times more and owning his universe. Unfortunately, the reality is much harder than that.
Many enter the daily trade in what I call dream mode. The reality is that it is a business. It’s not a quick scheme to get rich. Yes, if you learn your trade well, you can make a lot of money. But to go on to form a complete beginner to make six business figures a day from home, it just won’t happen.
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You must first learn your new trade. Would you seriously get into any new business without some kind of training? And yet, here you are going to trade professional funds with years of experience.
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Be realistic. About 10% a month is feasible for good traders. So if you only have $ 5,000 a day, is 10% or $ 500 a month enough? How will you pay your bills, avoid stress, and create your account?
There is a shortcut. Get close to the mind of someone who does what you want. This may sound expensive, but in fact it is cheap and makes good business sense. It will shave years of your learning curve and end up saving you many times what you paid for it.
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How to Become a Jewelry Seller

If you have decided that you would like to try your hand at becoming a jewelry seller, you will need to consider a few things that will have a huge impact on the success of your business. Finding a niche and branding are two things that are often overlooked by many first-time startups.
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When you consider retail jewelry as a business, it is important to realize that there are different types that people buy. This is good, because it gives you the opportunity to find a specific demand for which you can be the only provider within your demographic. This will also help you develop a specific brand that will set you apart from any competitor. One big mistake people often make when starting a business is that they feel they have to be everything to everyone. As far back as it sounds, this reduces your attractiveness and can hurt you in the long run! Remember this: when you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to everyone. What makes you special as a company is what sets you apart from your competitors. This means that you have to create boundaries for yourself and respect them.
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A good exercise to start a business is to write a positioning statement. Taking the time to sit down and find out what exactly is special about what you have to offer and who exactly your target market will be will have a big impact on the success of your business later on. This positioning statement will come in handy when it comes time to make difficult business decisions.
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Several niches within the jewelry market are: cheap jewelry, antique jewelry, collectible jewelry, signed jewelry, gemstone jewelry, jewelry from particular times like the 1940s. The list goes on and on. You can connect to the internet and find good wholesale jewelry sellers for almost any of these markets.
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How much does it cost to start a snow cone business?

The snow cart business may sound great, but anyone smart will ask the same question whether it’s snow cones or any other business: how much does it cost to start? That’s a big question, as not many of us have a lot of cash on hand … if we did, we wouldn’t be looking for an amazing cash business like snow cone holders!
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In most states, and even in some counties and cities, you’ll need to make sure you have all the commercial licenses available to operate. In some states, these cost as little as $ 50 in total, while in many others they can reach a couple of hundred, but it shouldn’t work more than that. The cost also varies if you have a lawyer prepare the business documents for you, or if you decide to do it yourself and submit the application in person to the court. These rates can usually be offset by one or two good days.
The snow cone cart

Prices can vary greatly depending on the type of cart you buy to begin with. In fact, this expense is the most important factor in determining the initial costs. Snow carts range from $ 400 to $ 4,000 for new scraped ice carts. There’s also a lot of variety between these two extremes, but many people decide to start with snow cone carts that are well below $ 1,000 in the beginning, and many get their money back in no time with just a few days in cash. very good.
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While many people will do very well starting with a small cart, don’t just rely on price. There’s nothing wrong with starting cheap and increasing (especially with how often the scraped ice business doesn’t even want to work), but what if the initial demand for your snow cones is three to four times higher? bigger than what you can offer? Not only are all these benefits being taken away, but you’ll still have to buy a bigger, more expensive snow cone bracket. Take the time to make sure you are making the right decision in this case.
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The scraped ice machine

The next most expensive piece of equipment is the scraped ice machine itself. The machine, along with your booth, is one of the cornerstones of starting your business, and entry-level machines are most often found between $ 400 and $ 600. The best place to find a good shaved ice machine is a real seller or an online website that specializes in them. Many of these sites will actually have multiple machines for easy comparison, making it easy for you to see the deals available and decide which one is best for you.
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Buy supplies in bulk

While prices may vary for the supplies you need to run the snow cone business, most of these will at least be in the same price range. For materials such as paper cups, plastic spoons, or polystyrene foam cups, don’t be afraid to look locally for a Sam’s Club, Costco, or other wholesale store that can offer you the best deal. These types of overhead materials are cheap and, when purchased in bulk, often cost only pennies per snow cone sold.

Snow cone syrup

Of the actual general supplies, concentrated syrup for mixing ingredients will cost more, and a gallon of this can cost between $ 30 and $ 50, depending on flavor and vendor. The good news is that a gallon of concentrate can make 8 gallons of syrup, or between 640 and 800 snow cones, leaving tons of space to get a profit-laden boat. Look for sales around you, especially when shopping in bulk, as some sites offer significant discounts for bulk orders.

What does all this mean?

The initial costs add up, but a snow cone business has some really amazing profit margins, and it doesn’t take so many small league games, flea markets, or big days to make up for much of that initial investment. It only takes a few good days to bring in enough cash to offset your entire investment, and then it’s pure profit.

These 5 mistakes can ruin your binary options trading career

Everyone likes to take risks, but when it comes to investing money, you have to be very careful. When you take risks, the results may not necessarily be favorable. Instead of getting the glorious benefits you dream of, you may make some unexpected mistakes! The same applies to binary options trading; people make stupid mistakes, which in turn ruin their careers.

If you are a beginner in binary options trading, you need to be aware of the right ways. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that even “small things matter a lot.” Underestimating the effect of a small mistake is incorrect. This attitude can make you get used to ignoring these little details. Below are five mistakes to be very careful with; see it…

  • Lack of preparation
    Is it a right decision to enter the field without the much needed experience and knowledge? Obviously NOT! You may face the worst experiences if you are not thoroughly basic. This business is simple, practical and easy, but only if you know the right way to do it. Proper basic and technical knowledge is essential.
  • Wrong runner
    Choosing the wrong runner will cause serious problems. Yes, the situation becomes disastrous if you associate with the bad person. Many people tend to go with brokers that offer cheap packages and lucrative deals. People choose this route either because they do not have the right knowledge or they receive incorrect recommendations. Traders are attracted to great returns and attractive bonuses.
  • Incorrect deposit amount
    Many people are confused as to how much they should set for the initial deposit. They are curious to know what is the right amount to deposit and how it can influence the negotiation. Knowing the amount of the deposit is very important, because only an ideal amount would increase your chances of winning. Many traders make a mistake here as they deposit money, which exceeds their financing capabilities. That’s when they have to deal with losses.
  • Incorrect trading instrument
    To be successful, it is vital to choose the right asset. It is the choice of strategy that increases or decreases your chances of winning. The movement of the asset price must be thoroughly analyzed. Now, as binary options offer a variety of instruments, traders get lost in them. Consulting with an experienced broker is sure to help.
  • Not capturing ideas
    We all know that the main specialty of this is short-term trading, that is, it can take up to a minute or five minutes to trade. If a marketer chooses this style, success is guaranteed. However, making profits in short periods is not that easy. Inexperienced traders often fail here, as they do not use proper speculation, which in turn poses a higher risk.
  • When you avoid these mistakes, you are sure to have a distinguished career in binary options trading.

Solutions Blochchain Will Affect In Transportation And Trucking Industry

Blockchain technology is often associated with Bitcoin only, however, it is much more than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general.

Nowadays, there are tons of problems in administrative spheres, trade, finance world etc. that can be solved through the simple application of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can help these industries to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and at the same time stay away from extra hassles, complications, and corruption.

For instance, nowadays, in the transportation sector companies have to wait more than a month in order to receive a payment (for an average invoice). The administration costs that are paid to various third parties keep increasing and eventually become a larger share of the overall costs that are incurred by the companies. There are various challenges that come up while coordinating the supply and the demand, which results in trucks driving billions of kilometers without any load or with a very light one. The most interesting thing about blockchain technology is the fact that it is capable to solve all the listed problems that exist in the transportation industry along with a number of other sectors which have nothing to do with transportation.

As of now, one may wonder what a magical thing is the blockchain technology that it is capable of solving so many problems that exist in industries that are so different from one another.

At first glance, it may seem a bit absurd that a single technology is capable of solving various issues in such diverse industries. However, blockchain technology plays one major role for different sectors, which is making operations within multiple services more efficient and with as few costs as possible (by mainly cutting out the costs in logistics).

Nowadays, blockchain technology is enabling platforms to make the coordination of various documents shared on distributed ledger smoother and easier. In the meantime, smart contracts make the customs clearance and approvals much faster as they require way less time for processing goods at checkpoints. The blockchain is capable of ensuring users with data that is trusted in the ecosystem of the given industry. To make this possible, the whole network appears to be a contributor to the data validation process. All of these improvements are done by cutting the needs of the physical paperwork.

If we take a look at the example of the transportation sector, a single shipment may need to be passed through more than thirty companies and may require communication with hundreds of different parties. In fact, a single error in this long communication chain may result in issues such as a loss or a hold. To avoid such errors, blockchain records all the steps in a permanent and in a very safe manner.
In the transportation and especially in the shipping industry, the practice shows that the demand for quick deliveries is increasing all the time. As a result, the traditional delivery systems are not as efficient anymore and neither capable to meet this rising demand. In this sector, blockchain technology can give instant and prompt solutions that can improve the tracking and the authentication processes that the orders go through.

Taking all these issues and their potential solutions with blockchain technology, we come to the conclusion that this technology is a necessity for the currently existing supply chains.

The only problem with the blockchain technology right now is the lack of awareness. A lot of people do not know about blockchain at all, many others have heard of it but do not understand how it works and what it is about. At the end of the day, blockchain can be a bit confusing and hard to understand. For that reason, this article will cast light on questions starting from “What is blockchain?” all the way to “How can blockchain technology revolutionize sectors such as transportation?”

What is blockchain?

The fundament of the blockchain technology is cryptography, which is a branch of mathematics. It works as a shared digital ledger (series of blocks that are encrypted and linked to one another in a public chain) and is completely decentralized. Blockchain works by fully relying on the consensus of the peer network from around the globe. This way, it is impossible to modify one block without the modification of the whole chain and without getting the consensus of the peer network as a whole. Thanks to these features, the chances of the potential not legit and fake data are very low and almost none at all.

For example, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that is authenticated and exchanged through the blockchain technology. The main benefits of this cryptocurrency are the result of the application of blockchain. Those benefits include things like a high transaction speed, very low costs (in some cases none), high security, and elimination of third parties at the time of a transaction.
The transactions within blockchain technology usually take place as follows:

1. One party sends money to the other party.
2. The online transaction appears as a block.
3. The block is similar to broadcast for all the parties within the network. The role of this network is to approve the validity of the transactions.
4. After the validation, the block gets recorded in the chain in a transparent and undeniable manner.
5. The transaction is finalized and the money goes from the first party to the second one.

Please note that there are more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies in the world and Bitcoin is just one of those. All these cryptocurrencies together have a market capitalization that exceeds half-a-trillion US dollars. It is important to mention that there are many cryptocurrencies, which are aiming to improve different aspects of businesses and are working hard to increase efficiency, instead of being just a plain type of money.

Some of the industries that have been actively adopting the blockchain technology are the trucking and commercial transportation. Bellow, you may find the list of the improvements that this technology is able to bring with it.

Top 10 changes that blockchain technology brings up

1. New and effective way to check a performance history.

For instance, in case a business or a company is wanting to buy a vehicle that is second hand, with the help of the blockchain technology the buyer has a chance to see the information related to the previous performances of the given vehicle along with the maintenance history it has.

There are some businesses, which provide this service, however, the fact is that similar businesses are intermediaries. The presence of intermediaries may create problems such as time-consuming processes, extra costs, privacy, and safety issues and so on. The blockchain is capable of solving all of these issues and can allow having a high quality of experience without the involvement of any outside parties.

2. Trustworthy method for the validation of new records.

Like in the previous example, when a business or company can check the history of a second-hand vehicle, blockchain also makes it possible to record and validate the information about the new carrier. In other words, in case you decide to sell the vehicle to another person, the new buyer has a chance to see the history that has been incurred after your purchase. This is important in terms of gaining trust and for the successful trade in general.

3. Impossible to falsify the records.

The blockchain technology creates a decentralized network and holds all the records across the industry it is applied in. This information cannot be falsified and can be verified within a few seconds. In case of modifying a certain part of the data, the whole thing has to be modified too. In contrast to this, the current data recorders that exist can be falsified and changed. This often allows people to fake, manipulate or take other corrupt actions.

4. Improvements in tracking

As it has already been mentioned above, the demand for the instant and same day deliveries keeps increasing around the world, however, many companies are incapable of meeting the demand with the current resources and technologies. Blockchain technology can be a true innovation for such companies as it will authenticate the data safely and will improve the operations continuously. This is also a good alternative for avoiding heavy investments in tracking technology.

5. Data security

The security of data recorded on the blockchain technology is maximized. This is very crucial as only trustworthy authenticated data can allow improvements in operations. The lack of the data security can also create problems such as manipulation and a number of misunderstandings. In case of using blockchain technology for the data authentication, the network as a whole will be able to validate as well as contribute to the data. This way the data will not be a subject to manipulations. In fact, the reliability of information is very important for a high-quality business in any industry.

For instance, in case of temperature controlled transportation, this is very important because of the dependency it has on the timely delivery. Many companies, which already use this approach to confirm that it helps in terms of transparency, efficiency, and authenticity of supply chain around the world.

6. Better communication with IoT aka Internet of Things

IoT and blockchain combination is seen as a good solution for communication issues as well. For instance, some companies use these technologies for the vehicle to vehicle communications (also known as V2V). This allows several vehicles to stay in touch and check on each other by communicating about matters such as the safety, the fuel situation and so on. The communication that takes place in the V2V format is stored and also validates the newly created data on the blockchain. Many people believe that this can be helpful for the companies from around the globe to streamline own operations.

7. Increase in efficiency through AI aka Artificial Intelligence and IoT aka Internet of Things

The combination of blockchain technology and IoT innovations also appear to be very useful for monitoring purposes.For example, a shipping company can put IoT sensors in the trucks or other vehicles that it owns in order to get informed about how much space is available at the time of a certain shipment. This can be helpful for finding out the costs (or other details) and for transmitting this information to the second component of the combo – the blockchain technology. Some companies today use blockchain technology to enable the IoT sensors and as a result, they are able to monitor the location of each vehicle they own along with the temperature and the level of humidity for each one. This way such companies have an ability to control the deviation rate of the temperature. As a matter of fact, some of these companies also use blockchain for recording all kinds of documentation (related to financial departments, customer service, etc.).

Blockchain technology also allows companies to transport valuable products in a safe and immutable manner by recording all the documentation of the entire process of the product shipping. The shippers can get a big advantage from this opportunity taking into account the fact that the global shipments go through several checkpoints that are done by different companies.

8. Cutting costs with smart contracts by eliminating the middlemen

Smart Contracts are tasks coded through blockchain technology that execute themselves when a specific condition is met. For example, in case a company is interested in releasing a payment for the shipper as soon as the ordered item gets to its destination, through smart contacts, it can automate the process. In other words, the payment can be realized as soon as the item makes its way to the intended destination. Nowadays, the supply chains are based on a system that is full of papers and is very inefficient. It takes a while until it goes through some channels and gets the required approvals. This process is time-consuming process increases the chances of frauds and losses.

The blockchain and the smart contracts can fully eliminate the extra and the unnecessary hustles that are nowadays created due to the long supply chains. This will also have a positive impact on the costs and there will be zero chances of mistakes in the overall process.

It is important to mention, that by saying cutting the administrative costs, we talk about a big portion of the entire costs that are incurred and paid by the company. In the meantime, this money can be used in a more beneficial way for the business or for the people who are involved in the given business.

9. A genuine depiction of demand

Very often some companies face confusions due to the wrong data or due to duplication’s and disordered data. Blockchain technology allows businesses to record and verify their actions within the decentralized network. With the help of the blockchain technology, the data is clear, reliable and useful without the involvement of any brokers or other third parties of such kind.

If we go back to the example of the trucking companies, nowadays, without the blockchain technology one shipper has to be in touch with multiple brokers and those brokers often reach out to the same load board due to lack of communication. When they reach out to the same load board or when they miss out one, it leads to problems with understanding the actual demand which results in extra costs again. This process is full of chances of mistakes and at the same time, it gives the brokers a space for manipulations by making it possible to fake the demand and by allowing to duplicate it.

In case of the application of the blockchain technology the shipper who has access to the network is capable of reaching out to the load boards on his or her own without extra confusions and yet in a very fast manner. With the blockchain technology, the information connected to the load is stored and stamped with the time on the network. This lets different load boards have access to it and eliminates the unnecessary and problematic involvement of the third parties as a fully decentralized system.

10. More liquidity within the supply chain

The blockchain based technologies are capable of not only finding and facing but also solving the inefficiencies that exist in the supply chains around the world. Such technologies aim to reach their objectives, which include making supply chains more flexible, increasing the liquidity within the supply chain as well as improving the operations that take place inside the supply chain. These improvements can be relevant to all sorts of industries including the trucking transportation sector. This way the companies have an opportunity to increase their productivity through the settlement amongst parties that appear to be the individual elements of the entire supply chain.

In the transportation industry, this technology allows saving millions of dollars in payment disputes every day and decrease the long time that is necessary for receiving payments. The cut down of these days will not only save the patience of the company but will also increase the liquidity and the extra administrative work that is completely not necessary. As a result, the companies get a chance to decrease the costs of borrowing they have and in the meantime, the separate parties of the supply chain get to increase their profits.

The potential risks

The benefits of the blockchain technology in sectors such as the transportation industry are enormous, however, there may be a few drawbacks too, which are worth discussing.

Some people believe that the backfire of the blockchain technology, similar to the other data entry methods has some space for the mistakes that can be made by human beings. Other people claim that blockchain technology is an extra and a far from perfect technology which can create more problems related to the logistics. The distrust of these people, in fact, tends to come from the failures of other new technologies that they have witnessed. Finally, the different type of the technology within the supply chain may create some inconsistencies as well as confusions when it comes to the communications and the collaborations between different companies.

What is coming next?

Nowadays, many companies work hard with blockchain technology, which will possibly be a good and a true way of proving what can and what cannot be done with this new innovation. The fact is, that the administrative sectors as well as the transportation industry along with others, need this technology very much right now.
Morgan Stanly once mentioned that the blockchain technology can increase the revenues for the transportation companies with around 500 billion USD. He thinks that this opportunity of the large revenues will be able to pay out for necessary elements that the industry needs right now, for instance, software for supply chain management, the brokerage for global tracking, saving fuel and so on.
All in all, blockchain technology is not only interesting and promising but also a necessity, which will be even more needed in the near future with the constantly changing world.

for more information, visit https://www.logisticalforwardingsolutions.com/

Online ponds and cheap cigarettes from Europe

Cheap cigarettes from Europe are increasingly imported into North America and especially the USA. If you look closely at the typical cases of imports, it is clearer that most of these are retail imports rather than bulk shipments of business volumes.

This includes many interesting stories. For starters, this reflects the sharp rise in cigarette taxes in the US. Tax increases have been so strong that, let alone manufacturers and wholesale distributors across the country, small neighborhood tobacco stores that retail to smokers are falling into losses due to the lack business. Apparently, regular smokers are not in a position to buy their weekly or monthly stocks at such high prices.

The Marlboro brand is the most touched of all; One who smokes Marlboro is now being cared for by online smokers who are physically found mostly in Eastern Europe and some in Native American districts who legally enjoy low or no taxes on cigarettes. Thus, online stores have become the starting point for cheap Marlboro cigarettes. It is not surprising that these stores or merchants have innovatively reached the cigarette-hungry nations and especially the United States. The fundamental advantage they enjoy is the drastic tax difference between their source and the US market.

Although Europe has traditionally been manufacturing and exporting cheap cigarettes to the United States and the rest of the world, the recent rise in tax rates in Western Europe after the U.S. has focused attention on Eastern Europe. Leading tobacco manufacturers and cheap cigarette traders have started operating from this part with global vision. But how does all this relate to the quintessential smoker? The normal smoker is the one who obviously benefits from all this. Let’s see how: The cheap Marlboro cigarettes from these sellers will cost around US $ 13 per carton, which includes all taxes and shipping. You may not have gotten a carton of your favorite Marlboro cigarette carton at that price, even in the age of tax hike. Here is a small catch; you may have to pay customs duties separately, this is not included in the cost.

There is another angle to this cheap cigarette business. Since the tax increase, not only cigarette traders, both wholesale distributors and small retailers, but also workers in the cigarette industry have suffered the loss of bulk jobs. Cigarette industry jobs have moved outside the U.S. and into Europe; it has now moved further from there to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is the current point of interest for large cigarette manufacturers in the United States and Asia who are installing large plants at incredible speeds. This phenomenon is ignited by another less apparent but significant issue that both online tobacco owners and manufacturers have used in their interest. Labor costs and wages in Eastern Europe are considerably cheaper compared to the western part of the continent, let alone in the US.

“Selling cheap cigarettes online” is causing major changes and adjustments in economic policy. Cigarette importing countries are losing huge tax revenues that they would have collected if the industry had not changed the focus of the US. Marlboro, which sells about 85% of the world’s cigarettes, is now made in Eastern Europe.

So when you buy cigarettes next time, you already know where to find cheap Marlboro cigarettes!

Crypto Currencies Volatility, a profitable roller coaster

This year we can see that cryptocurrencies tend to go up and down even 15% of the value daily. These price changes are known as volatility. But what if … this is completely normal and sudden changes are one of the characteristics of cryptocurrencies that allow you to make good profits?

First, cryptocurrencies hit the mainstream very recently, so all the news about it and rumors are “hot”. After each statement by government officials about the possible regulation or ban of the cryptocurrency market, we observe large price movements.

Second, the nature of cryptocurrencies is more like a “store of value” (as gold had been in the past): many investors consider them a security investment option for stocks, physical assets such as gold and fiat coins (traditional). The transfer rate also influences the volatility of the cryptocurrency. With the fastest, the transfer takes even a couple of seconds (up to a minute), making them an excellent asset for short-term trading, if there is currently no good trend in others. asset types.

What everyone should keep in mind: This rate also adapts to the useful life trends of cryptocurrencies. While in regular markets, trends can last for months or even years, here it takes place in even days or hours.

This brings us to the next point: even though we are talking about a market worth hundreds of billions of US dollars, it is still a very small amount compared to the daily trading volume compared to the US market. currencies or traditional stocks. Therefore, a single investor making 100 million transactions in the stock market will not cause a big price change, but at the scale of the cryptocurrency market, this is a significant and remarkable transaction.

Because cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they are subject to technical and software updates to cryptocurrency functions or the expansion of blockchain collaboration, making it more attractive to potential investors (such as SegWit activation basically caused the value of Bitcoin to double).

These combined elements are the reasons why we are seeing such huge price changes in the price of cryptocurrencies in a couple of hours, days, weeks, and so on.

But answer the question of the first paragraph: one of the classic rules of trade is to buy cheap, sell high; therefore, having short but strong trends every day (instead of weaker ones lasting weeks or months as in stocks) gives many more possibilities. to get a decent profit if used correctly.

What is a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

The web is part of society and is shaped by society. And until society is a crime-free zone, the web will not be a crime-free zone.

So what is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment system, which basically allows people to send currency to each other over the web without the need for a trusted third party, such as a bank or financial institution. Transactions are cheap and in many cases are free. In addition, payments are also pseudo anonymous.

On top of that, the main feature is that it is fully decentralized, which means that there is no single central point of authority or anything like that. The implications of this are made so that everyone has a complete copy of all the transactions that have ever taken place with Bitcoin. This creates an incredibly resilient network, which means no one can change, reverse, or control any of the transactions.

The high level of anonymity that exists means that it is very difficult to track transactions. It’s not entirely impossible, but it’s impractical in most cases. So crime with cryptocurrency, because you have fast, borderless transactions and a high level of anonymity, in theory creates a system that is ripe for exploitation. Thus, in most cases, when it is an online crime with online payment systems, they usually go to the authorities and, for example, we can deliver this payment information or we can stop these transactions and reverse them. . And none of that can happen with Bitcoin, so in theory, it makes it ripe for criminals.

In light of this, many different agencies are researching Bitcoin and looking at Bitcoin and trying to understand how it works and what they can do to control it. It has also appeared in the media quite a few times, and the media, being the media, is focusing on the bad side. So they focus a lot on crime with that. So if there is a theft, scam or something like that, they tend to blame Bitcoin and Bitcoin users.

So the highlight is probably Silk Road, which was recently withdrawn and, through its $ 1.2 billion bitcoins, was intended to pay for anything from drugs to weapons to hitting men like that. of things. And the media, again, very quickly blamed this on Bitcoins and said it was the Bitcoin user’s fault.

But in reality there is very little evidence of the scale of the problem of crime with cryptocurrencies. We don’t know if there are many or we don’t know if there are a few. But despite this, people are quick to call it a criminal thing and forget about legitimate uses, such as fast and quick payment.

So some research questions I’m looking at in this area are what is the crime with Bitcoin like? So many people will say that scams and thefts have been going on for years. But the means through which they occur change with technology. So a Victorian street scammer would practically do something very different from a Nigerian prince scammer 419.

So the next question I would also like to investigate is to look at the scale of the crime problem with cryptocurrency. So by generating a record of known scams and thefts and things like that, we can cross it out with the public transaction record of all transactions and see how many of the transactions are actually illegal and criminal. My last question would be, then, to what extent does the technology itself really facilitate crime? Looking back at crime records, we can see what particular types of crimes happen and whether it’s actually the fault of technology, or is it just the same old crimes we’ve been looking at before. And once we consider these things, we can start thinking about possible solutions to the problem of crime with Bitcoin.

And we can consider that the only suitable solution would be one that preserves the underlying values ​​of the technology itself, which would be privacy and decentralization. The media is very focused on looking at the criminal aspects. And they don’t give enough value to legitimate uses, because Bitcoin is a technology that allows for quick, quick payments, which is useful for anyone who has paid for something online.

Bitcoin Brokers: Understand the benefits of cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which can be spent, saved or invested, and can also be stolen. Trading in Bitcoins was considered risky, but current trends show that it has become a huge success in the binary options industry. This decentralized currency is not regulated by any government or central authority.

What determines the price of Bitcoins?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by the supply and demand ratio. The price goes up when the demand goes up, the rates go down when the demand goes down. Circulating bitcoins are limited and new ones are being created at a very slow pace. Because you do not have enough cash reserve to move the market price, its price can be extremely volatile.

Bitcoin trading is popular for:

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the main problem for traders, because all currencies lose some of their purchasing power when reserve banks continue to print more currency. With the Bitcoin minting system limited to just 21 million Bitcoins, it is hardly affected by inflation.
  • Low risk of collapse – Currency fluctuations depend on government trade policies, which sometimes cause hyperinflation and even lead to the collapse of the currency. Bitcoin is a universal virtual currency, which is not regulated by any government.
  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments are made on an equal footing without any intermediary, so it is simple and cheap.
  • Easy to carry – Bitcoins worth millions of dollars can be carried in your pocket, on a memory stick. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Not locable – The issuance of Bitcoin is not regulated by any government, so the risk of embargo is zero.

Bitcoin binary options trading platform

Binary options brokers are becoming familiar with the popularity of these Bitcoins and their constantly fluctuating values. Therefore, they are taking this opportunity to offer merchants the latest volatile cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that offer cryptocurrency as an option to trade include:

  • One-touch option: Bitcoin trading can be done with AnyOption or with the one-touch option. For example, the current popular currency pair is BTC / USD.
  • SetOption: The last option available for asset trading is BITCOIN / USD.

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple online trading platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand the market action.

The trade screen is simple.

  • Choose price address (UP / DOWN)
  • Select the time period

Is Bitcoin trading safe?

The Bitcoin network is possibly the world’s largest broadcasting computer project. The most common weakness here is user errors. Bitcoin wallet files can be accidentally lost, stolen or deleted just like any other file in digital format.

However, users can use sound security strategies to protect their cash. Alternatively, you can choose service providers that offer high-level security as well as loss or theft insurance.